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Custom Programmer, Microsoft Programmer, Technical Support Professional, Applications Programmer, Applications Systems Analyst/ Programmer – Intermediate, Applications Systems Analyst/ Programmer – Senior, Business Process Consultant, Business Subject Matter Specialist, Business Systems Analyst – Intermediate, Business Systems Analyst – Senior, Business Systems Specialist, Chief Information Security Officer, Client/Server Database Manager, Client/Server Network Architect, Client/Server Support Analyst, Communications Analyst – Intermediate, Communications Analyst – Senior, Communications Facility Engineer, Communications Installer, Communications Transmission Engineer, Computer Operations Manager, Consultant, Data Architect, Data Communications Manager – Planning & Implementation, Data Entry Supervisor, Data Security Administration Manager, Data Security Analyst – Intermediate, Data Security Analyst – Senior, Data Warehousing Administrator, Data Warehousing Analyst, Data Warehousing Programmer, Data Warehousing Project Manager, Data/Configuration Management Specialist, Database Administrator, Database Analyst/ Programmer – Intermediate, Database Analyst/ Programmer – Senior, Database Manager, Disaster Recovery Administrator, Disaster Recovery Analyst, Documentation Specialist – Intermediate, Documentation Specialist – Senior, E-Business Manager, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Manager, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Specialist, Electronic Mail Coordinator, Engineering Subject Matter Specialist, ERP Business/Architectural Specialist, ERP Business Analyst – Intermediate, ERP Business Analyst – Senior, ERP Programmer, Graphics Specialist, Groupware Specialist, Help Desk Coordinator – Intermediate, Help Desk Coordinator – Senior, Help Desk Manager, Help Desk Specialist, Help Desk Support Services Specialist – Intermediate, Help Desk Support Services Specialist – Senior, Information Assurance Development Engineer, Information Assurance Engineer, Information Assurance Network Specialist, Information Assurance Systems/Network Specialist, Information Center Consultant, Information Center Specialist, Information Security Business Analyst, Information Services Consultant, Information Systems Auditor – Intermediate, Information Systems Auditor – Senior, Information Systems Training Specialist – Intermediate, Information Systems Training Specialist – Senior, Internal Communications Systems Consultant, IT Subject Matter Specialist, LAN Administrator – Intermediate, LAN Administrator – Senior, LAN Support Technician – Intermediate, LAN Support Technician – Senior, LAN/WAN Administrator, LAN/WAN Integrator, LAN/WAN/MAN Administrator, Network Control Technician, Network Engineer – Intermediate, Network Engineer – Senior, Network Operations Supervisor, Network Planning Analyst – Intermediate, Network Planning Analyst – Senior, Network Planning Manager, Network Systems Administrator, Network Systems Manager, Network/Hardware Support Technician, Operations Manager – Data Communications, Operations Manager – Voice Communications, Operations Systems Manager, Operations/ Technical Support Manager, Operations/Network LAN Administrator, Operations/Technical Support Analyst, PC Products Analyst, PC Systems Specialist, PC/LAN Mgmt Analyst – Intermediate, PC/LAN Mgmt Analyst – Senior, Project Engineer, Project Manager – Senior, Quality Assurance Analyst – Intermediate, Quality Assurance Analyst – Senior, Quality Assurance Specialist, Security Coordinator, Site Manager, Software Architect, Software Developer – Intermediate, Software Developer – Senior, Software Systems Engineer – Intermediate, Software Systems Engineer – Senior, Strategic Planner, Systems Administrator – Intermediate, Systems Administrator – Senior, Systems Analysis and Programming Director, Systems Engineer, Systems Management Technologist, Technical Editor, Technical Writer, Telecommunications Analyst/Technician, Telecommunications Engineer/ Analyst – Intermediate, Telecommunications Engineer/ Analyst – Senior, Telecommunications Manager – Multiple Incumbents, Telecommunications Manager – Single Incumbent, Telecommunications Network Help Desk, Telecommunications Programmer/ Systems Analyst – Intermedi, Telecommunications Programmer/ Systems Analyst – Senior, Telecommunications Technician, Telecommunications/Communications Integration Engineer, Test Engineer, UNIX Systems Administrator, Voice Communications Administrator, Voice Communications Manager – Planning & Implementation, Voice Communications Technician, Web Content Administrator, Web Content Analyst, Web Designer, Web Marketing Manager, Web Operations Manager, Web Project Manager, Web Security Administrator, Web Security Analyst, Web Software Developer, Web Technical Administrator

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