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Whether you are just starting your small business, are a large business, or a large government agency, RTI can help you achieve your goals. Our staff are college educated technology professionals degreed from some of America's best universities. So, you get a superior quality product or service at a price that can't be beat by any place on the planet. We guarantee it.  If you find anyone anywhere who can deliver the same or better quality product or service at a lower price, bring us the quote and we will match it or beat it.

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Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI) Welcome to Reality Technology, Inc. (RTI)

small business teaming Partner

As an American small business, you might say we've heard it all. "Small businesses are the backbone of America." "We love small business." "Buy from small business." Then when it comes to doing business with many of these same organizations, you're told that as a small business you're just not BIG enough. Teaming is a GREAT answer. At RTI we're committed to teaming with other great companies of all sizes. Our executive management include a former CIO and Director for several large cities so you might say it's in our business DNA. We use proprietary software that make teaming easy for all partners. We also regularly support many small business advocacy and growth organizations.

small business teaming Partner small business teaming Partner small business teaming Partner

For Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

We offer our cooperative GSA Multiple Award contract (GS35F0147T), which can help streamline your procurement process. From staffing support to public sector aware applications that help track public asset deferred maintenance, we help government succeed in ways not before thought possible.

For Department of Defense Agencies

We offer our Seaport Next Generation contract (N0017821D9306) in supporting military agencies that defend our great nation which makes it easy to buy from us. Whether it's state of the art technology or staffing augmentation, supplying our troops with only the best is RTI's mission. We go over and beyond because no one deserves it more.

We understand that every business is unique.

Unlike many of our competitors, we take the time to learn about you and your business. We craft solutions that solve your needs not force you to fit your business into a piece of software. And when you need support, we don't send you to strangers thousands of miles away.

We have expertise in a wide range of technologies

The reason we can craft solutions specific to your business needs is because we have expertise in multiple technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Google, and Open-Source. Because we are experts in many technologies, we won't try to make you get rid of everything you have just because we don't know how to use it. Like many of our competitors. Our greatest pride is being the partner our clients thought they could never find.

Crafting solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients

Sometimes you need more than standard commercial off-the-shelf software. You need a solution that takes into consideration the special things you do. After all, you started your business because you could offer something your competitors could not. You shouldn't have to give that up just to use a piece of software. This is where we excel. With RTI, you won't have to compromise your greatness just to use our solution. We make technology that work for you. Not the other way around like many of our competitors.

Introducing RS Compliance Manager ™

Perhaps our greatest achievement. Simplifies compliance, management, and goal tracking of contracts, grants, assets, and other types of agreements. Yet is fully customizable.​

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