Completed Projects

Some successful projects completed for other clients:

  • Sharepoint knowledge management system for the Department of Defense
  • Grant management system for the Bureau of Reclamation
  • Contract lifecycle management system for the cities of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas
  • Business impact analysis and risk assessment for the National Park Service
  • Sharepoint support for the National Park Service
  • IT assessment and strategic plan for the National Park Service
  • Business support for Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Services (LESES) of National Park Service
  • Business and IT needs assessment for Commercial Services Program of the National Park Seervice
  • Support for the system used by the bureau of reclamation for water conservation of the nation’s dams
  • Application support for IBM Maximo for the Department of Defense
  • Support for a disease tracking system for the Center for Disease Control
  • Support for a system used by mortgage lenders in Denver, Colorado