Compliance Simplified

Government whether federal, state, or local main role is to improve the standard of living for the area in which they serve.  This cannot be done without community involvement.  Two fundamental tools to do this are financial assistance (grants) programs and greater small business participation in procurement especially if the small business is local.  At Reality Technology, we've been serving government for over seventeen years.  And being a small business we've experienced firsthand the devastating impact on both our local community and economy when government is not in compliance with its own procurement laws and/or neglects to utilize its local small businesses to the fullest extent possible.  Helping government avoid this costly mistake is where we excel.

Our Reality Software® suite which includes our RS Compliance Manager™ facilitates government agencies and small businesses working together by:

  • Tracking all contract related information in one place for prime and sub contractors and grant awardees
  • Alerting when renewals are due
  • Promoting the use of government funded research by small businesses
  • Providing financial and performance reporting for prime and sub contractors and grant awardees
  • Ability to integrate with leading systems such as FBMS, SAP, PRISM, and others.
  • Improving communication between buyers, project managers, and contractors maximizing taxpayers value





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