About Reality Technology, Inc.

Reality Technology, Inc. is a small business provider of management software focused on compliant effective governance that promote small business growth.

Founded in 2002 by a father and son team on the premise that technology should be used for something more than just eliminating people jobs and providing entertainment, Reality Technology provides technology that empowers. Assistive People Oriented Technology.

Empowerment starts small and grows. Empowerment begets innovation. Our solutions empower government and business owners to be innovative. All our work and products are delivered with a clear focus on quality. Hence, we are the long-term partner clients can turn to for guidance and technology support. Furthermore, our compliance management software is best at eliminating both frustration and inefficiency for government, business and the community. In the end, improving the outcome for everyone.  Now, isn't that Technology for the Real World®.


Ivan Drinks Sr.
CEO, Executive Vice President
Master in Computer Information Systems
Bachelor in Business Administration



Ivan Drinks Jr.
CTO, President
Bachelor in Computer Science


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